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Nepal, land of the mystifying Himalayas, and Mount Everest, birthplace of “Lord Buddha”; home of legendary Gurkha Soldiers, Mysterious Yet” and the world famous Sherpa is blessed with scenic splendour and natural beauty. Though relatively small in size, it is rich in ethnic diversity & cultural heritage. It is home to many tribal races, living in different regions with their own unique identity, culture, traditional customs and language. As a result, the taste of Nepalese cuisine differs from region to region within the country.


Since Nepal is situated between China in the north and India in south, you will find the blend of both Oriental and Indian flavour in our cuisine. Bearing this in mind, our Gurkha restaurant presents you with a selection of regional dishes which are carefully blended to give you the authentic taste of Nepalese cuisine. In order to retain original flavours, we use fresh herbs and spices. Some of the dishes available are the specialty of our chef who skilfully blends the taste of both Oriental and Indian flavours.


“Pleasant to your palate but not overpowering flavour”


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